Saturday, February 22, 2014

NOPH/St. Paul's

From the volunteer coordinator at the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.

I am sending you all a few requests below from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Maumee, OH. This church donates money and many items such as clothing, decorations & recreation items for our patients at NOPH several times a year. They are in need of some help on the dates below to help with rummage setup. If your child needs service hours, please check the dates below and if they are able to help with any of the dates below, please  let me know a.s.a.p.  I may not be in my office on Monday to answer calls or check email, but please free to call me at 419-481-2954 anytime or you may have interested students call me as well.
  • Volunteers needed Thursday February 27th at 6pm-8pm to help with sorting set up for the rummage sale.  Involves moving tables, lighter weight shelving unit boxes and bales of disassembled cardboard boxes and assembling same.   310 Elizabeth Street at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Maumee, Ohio. 
  • Volunteers needed Thursday May 1st at 3pm-6pm to move tables and boxes of clothes by brigade.  Snacks provided.  Location as above.
  • Volunteers needed Saturday May 4th at 10am-1pm to move boxes of clothes, additional tables, miscellaneous items by brigade.  Lunch provided.  Location as above. 
  • Volunteers needed Wednesday May 8th at 2pm-6pm to take down tables and shelves, disassemble boxes, and box up remaining miscellaneous items to go to charity.  Food provided.  Location as above. 
Lastly, if your child needs service hour and would like to  earn hours at NOPH, please have them reach me at my office at 419-381-1881. They would not be working with patients but they can assist me with preparing for other events/office work.

Thank you!

Janet L. Wasielewski, B.A., CDCA
Volunteer Coordinator
Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital